Thursday, June 7, 2012


Danger Line Nightmare Avenged Sevenfold FOR THE WIN :D Love this music.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


My week at Kieve was "Amazing!" "Awesome!" or as I like to put it...... "Not so Amazing!/Awesome!". That is just my opinion. First off I had a somewhat dumb class... Besides my classmates because they know how I think (and I hope that I think of the best and most simplest way to do stuff). Second I had this really weird and annoying (not to mention bossy) chick chasing after me.... I did NOT like her AT ALL! And she was in my class........ Anyways, MOVING ON! The food their was... How should I put this............... MICROWAVABLE PIECES OF........yep, all the food was horrible. All but the cereal. Cereal CANNOT be bad. In any case the meals were just for talking to newly met friends and to old friends talking about how we disliked the food. The Chinese food was not even Chinese-American food (or as the English say "Chinglish" food). Ok let us list all of the bad things..... Crazy girls, bad food, classes (they were pointless), choice time (the only good games were Capture the Flag, Gaga ball which is their own made up game, and basketball), shower schedules, bed times and wake up times (later for both), breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks as the food given was NOT enough for us GROWING (emphasis on "growing") kids and the teachers got TONS OF FOOD AND IT ANNOYED THE CRAP OUT OF ME!!!!!!!!!! Excuse my language if you believe that "crap" is a bad word. Good thing the food was not so bad that ANYONE THREW UP...... and that wraps up everything you do at Kieve... well besides the after dinner activities which are even more pointless than classes and were an extreme waste of time. Alright, good things... Bus ride home and sleep, and the ropes course was decent enough.

So there was some girl from another island that said I was hot and really had a huge crush on me and was always wanting to be with me. Thanks to some friends she stopped trying to be around me so much. The food was frozen and reheated most of the time and was almost as gross as McDonalds or Burger King. And yes, the teachers could have as much food as they wished where as the students could only get a small amount of food before it "ran out" (thanks to the teachers), except for lunch. None of the activities were very fin (besides Capture the Flag there own made up game called Gaga ball that got cancelled because of misbehavior and climb on the rock wall or ropes course). I didn't like most of the "teachers" or staff or what ever you wish to call them.

Now more detail on the good things. Basketball was decent except we played "Ultimate knock out" where if you get knocked out who ever you knocked out gets to come back in so it was almost impossible to win (but you can win if your REALLY good or set it p with your friends) and the one game we played had about 10 people on EACH team. my team had really young non-basketball playing kids and tall older non-basketball playing kids and all my friends who DID play basket ball were on the other team. Rock climbing is just a climbing wall and so nothing is really different about it or any OTHER climbing walls. Capture the flag was fun except for the fact that half the players sat down and talked and got in the way. I do however take pride in the fact that I won the first game and helped win the second by ballsing it up and running into a defender................. That didn't happen I didn't say anything..... But my friend had the flag and she got to our side (NOT MY GIRLFRIEND I don't have a girlfriend) and gaga ball gave you a good excuse to hit annoying people really hard with a rubber ball :D so that was fun.... 'Till it got cancelled..... ANYWAYS that was the only fun things to do (that was the only fun things??) and that's about it. OH and my Ipod died and I couldn't charge.........

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Quote #1

"In peace, sons bury their fathers. In war, fathers bury their sons."

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Stolen from someone else. but somewaht differant too! QUOTES!

Alright I took this Idea from a person sitting to mah RIGHT. Hai sam. and Ima post famous ancient quotes cause im a nerd that way thanks for your time bye ill have a quote soon... unless i forget...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ok Basketball game tomorrow. Thats going to be fun. Sorry If the last part of my previous part was a bit vague but that is because it was the end of class so I rushed it a little.
I'm in English working on blogs and stuff. Just got a picture. LOVE Shogun 2: Total War. I bought it at 3 in the morning a few nights ago. I haven't played it yet as my computer is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!! But I have played it on my cousins computer. I am hopping to save enough money o get an Alienware! :D ANYWAYS One of my classmates is trying to teach people to put a picture on their blog. Alright. 25 minutes until school's out. Not even sure if you put an apostrophe on "school's out". Maybe, maybe not. Everyone is talking about getting images on their profile page. I personally thing that it doesn't matter, and all the girls are probably going to put a picture of Justin Bieber on theirs. Don't even care if I spelled his name wrong. I PERSONALLY think that his music isn't great but that is JUST MY opinion so don't hate. I don't like Pop much anymore anyways... I've spent this entire time writing this and I'm not even sure if I am allowed to be typing this but I am not doing anything else right now so why shouldn't I? Our English teacher wants to blog so I hope I am allowed right now. Ok. Our teacher (I'm will call her Ms. English, or "Our English Teacher" just to keep her anonymous).  YAY My friend figure out how to make a link in his email work so his friend can click the link and go instead. Anyways Schools over BYE!